5 Best TV Guide Apps You Need for iOS

Apps and websites are the most popular platforms for video streaming in the modern era. Yet, cable and DTH remain the cheapest and best entertainment options, at least most of you would agree to this. Watching a full-length HD movie will not require as much data as watching cable or DTH. A TV guide app can enhance the viewing experience for DTH and cable users.

You can use a TV guide app to find out what TV shows or movies will be broadcast on a given channel. This app contains a list of programs that will be broadcast over a variety of networks this week or the next. In addition, you can set up reminders for your favorite shows so that you are alerted when they air.

Do keep in mind that these TV guide apps on your iOS can be accessed via the internet. If you are looking for a new one, we recommend checking out Xfinity internet plans to sign up for super-fast internet at affordable rates. Do some research to find out which internet is available in your area and sign up. With your internet sorted out now, you can find out information about your favorite TV programs.

Moving on, below you will find a list of the best TV Guide Apps for iOS.

TV Time 

The first time you use TVT, you are asked to choose the shows you often watch. The main TVT interface will open after you choose the shows. Upcoming, Watchlist, Profile, and Trending are the main sections in the main interface. You can view the schedules of your favorite shows in Upcoming. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when your show is about to air.

Users can view the description of a TV show on TVT. Additionally, users can leave comments about their favorite episodes. You can keep track of the shows you’re planning on watching with the Watchlist section. Discover interesting shows and add them to the watchlist by exploring the app. The Trending section features the hottest entertainment news. You can see your television watching hours in the Profile section.

Additionally, you can view the badges you have unlocked and comments you have left on the episodes.


UK users enjoy TVG. The interface is colorful and it offers a lot of features. You can see the schedule for all UK television channels. The page displays the shows that are playing right now and will play later on the channel. Each episode is described briefly. The artwork for each episode is also displayed. In this way, new shows can be discovered.

It is possible to set reminders for shows you like on TVG. They are stored in your Google Calendar. From the entire day’s TV schedule, the app lets you filter movies, cartoons, and sports events.

Timelines are also available. TVG also comes with an integrated web browser. You can watch live TV on the app’s browser if the channel streams its show on its official website.


The Hobi app for Android and iOS offers a tabbed user interface that features a lightweight TV guide. Watchlist, Following, and Explore are the three sections of the UI. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other TV series are covered by Hobi.

Various DTH operators also air TV programs on Hobi. A show’s title, duration, album art, and description are displayed on Hobi. You can see the show’s full schedule with Hobi if it is divided into seasons.

Hobi provides a search function, like many other TV guide apps. Hobi does not require users to set reminders. You will automatically receive notifications when new episodes and seasons are released of shows on your watchlist. Users can choose whether or not to receive notifications via push. Hobi can be configured to show notifications at a time you specify if you do not want to disable notifications.


On the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, IMDB is another popular TV and movie app. There is a rating system that lets you discover new movies and TV shows. Reviews can also be read.

TV shows and movies have their own sections on IMDB. TV programs can be found in the TV section along with storylines, casts, images, and schedules.

You do not have to register on IMDB. The TV listings app lets you either create a new account or log in with Facebook, Google, or Amazon if you want to use the advanced features.


You can watch the US and UK TV shows here both daily and weekly. You can enter your ZIP code when running TV24 to view a list of DTH providers. TV24 will show you DTH service providers operating in your region if you have enabled the location service on your device. In the text box, enter the ZIP code for your area if your operator is not listed.

The TV24 TV guide app offers the option to register an account. You must register an account with the app if you want it to remind you of an event. With TV24, recurring reminders are possible. TV episodes can be shortlisted in the app based on their genre.

A watchlist section is available, where you can keep track of the TV shows you watch. There are advertisements in the free version. TV24 Pro is available for those who prefer not to see ads in the app.

Wrapping Up 

Choosing an iOS TV guide app can be a little tough with so many options out there. Therefore, we have come up with the best ones in this post. We hope you find the information here helpful. If you have questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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