Chris Evans and Ana de Armas Embark on Dangerous International Adventure in ‘Ghosted’ Trailer

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas Embark on Dangerous International Adventure in ‘Ghosted’ Trailer. A brilliant romantic gesture turns into a dangerous international adventure for Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in the trailer for Ghosted, released on Monday.

The stars lead the Apple TV+ movie, which centers on Cole (Evans) who gets confused after dating Sadie (De Armas) when she ghosts him and doesn’t respond to his texts. Gives When Evans-Cole decides to travel to London to surprise Sadie at work, she makes a shocking discovery that there’s more to Sadie than she realizes: she’s a secret agent. . The two then get swept up in an international adventure to save the world.

“You kidnapped and tortured me, after a single date,” Evans-Cole told De Armas’ Sadie as they fled in a car that had just exploded. See offical news here

“You’re the one who flew to London,” she tells him, only for him to repeat, “It was a romantic gesture!”

Ghosted' Trailer: Chris Evans Flies to London for Ana de Armas in Romantic Spy Thriller

Adrien Brody, Mike Moh, Amy Sedaris and Tate Donovan also star in the upcoming film directed by Dexter Fletcher with a screenplay written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers.

David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Evans, Jules Daly, Wernick and Reese produced the film with Dalia Ibelhauptaité, and Donald J. Lee Jr., Brian Bell and D’Armes are executive producing.

De Armas was recently nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominick’s Blonde.

Ghosted marks the third collaboration between Evans and de Armas, having previously starred together in Knives Out (2019) and The Gray Man (2022).

Ghosted premieres on Apple TV+ on April 21.

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